Sunday, 2 March 2014

Procrastination is not the way to start a blog.

So, as my New Years resolution I had planned to do something I always wanted to do. For a long time I've wanted to start writing a blog and now, two months into the year I am finally getting around to doing so. I apologise in advance for sloppy grammar and punctuation but I shall try my best.

I had originally intended to start writing this blog yesterday (1st March) but procrastination took hold of me and I decided to sleep instead. This is an introduction post and I'm not fully aware of what I should include also I doubt the popularity of this blog and I'm a little worried about that. I'll get over it.

Anyway, my name is Maureen, I'm 17 (woo) and I'm from the north of Ireland. I'm an amateur make-up artist though I have had training. I love make-up, fashion and shoes and that is what I hope to include in my blog. I'll mention my favourite products and least favourite products perhaps in a review form as well as talk about my latest fashion likes and I might include a few hauls within that, a little might slip in about me but sure it's not a real blog unless something personal slips in, whether I do that or not is a different question.

I'm not entirely sure how successful this blog may be but I'm hoping to some extent to have readers- of some description.

Did this go well? Is this how you start blogs?

Maureen x

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