Sunday, 2 March 2014

First Review: Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle

Two posts in one day, might not always happen however it's all well and good having an introduction to the blog but perhaps an actual "quality" post  containing content I actually want to focus on.
So my m first review is on a product I bought last week and I've been using it consistently every day- despite what the directions say.

Basically I'm going to separate the reviews into certain little "blocks" of information before reviewing, just to give those of you who may not know about the product this will be just a concise overview of it.

The product is a clear nail polish produced by Sally Hansen Cosmetics and Sally Hansen do a range of other beauty products not just nail polishes. The product comes in a gold bottle and lid but when applied is clear. The product can also be used as a base coat and a coloured nail polish can be added on top. I bought my nail polish from Boots and it was £9.99 which is quite pricey but I had read other reviews and other people seemed to think it worked.

The nail polish promises to promote nail growth and states that the nail will grow 30% longer within 5 days.
That all sounds really great, but does it work?

For me, no, it didn't 5 days it took maybe 7/8 which to be honest isn't that long because I actually have really weak and short nails, but now, my nails are most slightly longer than before and most definitely stronger which impresses me a lot. The instructions say that you should use it every other day however I've been using everyday purely because I know my nails aren't in  the best condition.There are some cons with this product however and that it mainly the price also I find it takes quite a long time to dry and I do find myself struggling to know whether or not it has dried. Multiple times I find myself smudging it which kind of annoys me. I am quite satisfied with my results and I would post a before and after but I don't have a before and after. (I'm hoping I get better at blogging.)

To finish I'd like to say that the product is good and though for me it didn't take exactly 5 days the results where what I wanted. Basically if you are wanting longer and stronger nails this may be the product for you and don't let the price put you off.

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